Welcome to our metaverse

The Loft Italy Virtual Store is a virtual space, a metaverse, accessible for both Oculus and desktop viewers, where the user can explore the space in complete autonomy among the excellencies of Made in Italy foods and wines.

Once worn the Oculus, the user finds himself in a living room, the symbolic Loft Italy holiday home, the gateway to the actual store.

The Virtual Store is conceived as an almost helical gallery, with a series of terraced gardens in the center and on the walls paintings that with images or videos represent the products sold in the e-shop. The visitor can interact with the works by activating a series of pop-ups that provide information on the products and allow you to purchase products or experiences directly.

Currently the Loft Italy Virtual Store is built on six floors: the entrance hall on the ground floor and five floors dedicated to food products. The visitor can take a complete tour following the pointers or choose which floor to visit thanks to a navigation menu. The sixth floor is dedicated to social reality events and temporary store of guest brand.

What can I do in the Loft Italy Virtual Store?

In our virtual store, visitors can live an immersive experience in Italian food and wine panorama, learning to know more about the products and production techniques thanks to the information materials of each product.

You can choose which experiences to live once you arrive at your destination and which products to buy, whether you have yet to leave or have just returned! Point the cursor on the “Buy Now” panel and you can make purchases without ever taking off the Oculus.

Walk in and explore

If you have already booked your stay at one of the Loft Italy holiday homes, your host will have sent you your access link to the Virtual Store. You just have to put on the Oculus and enter our metaverse.

If otherwise you have not yet booked a stay, email us to find out about the Loft Italy holiday homes available in the most popular Italian tourist areas.