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Piedmont's capital is a city of unique charm, where emperors have passed through, kingdoms have been born, where power has left indelible marks. Wandering around the city, you can admire some of the elegant residences of the House of Savoy as well as the beautiful baroque palaces, long tree-lined avenues, gardens and parks. The city also offers a conspicuous cultural heritage characterised by museums and monuments where the most various forms of artistic expression, ranging from art to music, from cinema to photography, are perfectly combined.

Trip Ideas

Turin, the former capital of Italy, has the charm of royal cities. Historic cafes where the history of Italy was made, the Royal Palace and hunting lodges in the countryside. Turin is also the city of chocolate: it is possible to visit artisan chocolate shops where the gianduiotti are still hand-cut. Furthermore, the city is the ideal starting point for a day in the Langhe, to discover a territory rich in food and wine excellence such as Barolo and truffles..

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