Our mission

Our mission is to offer you the best guided tours in Italy, both cultural and gastronomic and turn vacations into memorable experiences thanks to high-quality products.

Loft Italy means also bringing people together through good food: our guides are local experts who deeply know their cities, ready to escort you to the more authentic places and to taste the true Italian delicacies! 

In the experiences section of this site you will find food and wine activities reserved for Loft Italy customers, not available on other platforms. In the section dedicated to food delivery, on the other hand, delicacies to be delivered to your home or to your holiday home.

Here our sustainability and ethics guidance book

Quality is an important value

We want to offer our customers the best in terms of quality of products, offers and customers care. We carefully select each one of our suppliers and want to propose you tours exclusively made for us. This is why you won’t find many of our tours on other websites. 

Our company is closely tied to the territory: not only the one where our headquarters are located, but the one where our activities take place. According to company policy, we source 60% of costs from local producers where our operational headquarters are located (Valle d’Aosta)for food products and we source 100% of the costs from local suppliers for our experiences (which means that our experiences include only local foods, guides and attractions). This is because we want the local community that hosts us to grow and prosper. For the grocery products on sale on our website and for the suppliers of our experiences, we only source from small artisanal and local producers. In this way, small producers benefit from a visibility that they could not have achieved on their own, increasing their clientele and increasing direct sales also to foreigners. In this sense we help them to broaden the boundaries of their business, also making themselves
known abroad.

We want our guests to live unique experiences, together with other people who are passionate about good food and Italian culture.

My story is my why

Speaks Francesco Pio Merlino, CEO&Founder Loft Italy: “When I was a holiday home host in Courmayeur and Milan I loved my job. I loved that so much that I formed good relationships with my customers. Talking with them made me understand something: in big cities tourists are overwhelmed by the quantity of things to do. Confused on what to choose for their vacation. Not sure on what was going to be the real Italian experience.  There are so many good, high-quality products that they should try and they shouldn’t have experiences with random people.”

This is how Loft Italy was born. A new way of experiencing the vacation, where you can feel at home, really tasting your destination with the best food products and the best people.